Desolate Paradise

Bad Apple - Barbara Morgenroth I feel like this book is going nowhere..I can't seem to finish it. I'll try to come back and read it later
Without You - E.L.  Black this book was pretty decent for beimg such a short read.
Pure - Julianna Baggott In the beginning the whole science aspect had me confused and didn't quite make sense to me, but as the book goes on it gets much better
Freak of Nature - Julia Crane this book was pretty good for what it was. i feel like everything went by and happened so fast though.....and well Lucas liking kaitlyn before he even knew she had emotions kind of weirded me out. still does
Every Which Way (Sloan Brothers, #1) - Calia Read So right away this book starts talking about Severine's feelings and emotions and its just really confusing and doesn't make sense to me. Quite frankly I don't know she's feeling the way she is. Then she meets the brothers and she just gets herself so caught up and all her thoughts are just them. And I don't know the reason why because she doesn't even know them. She just SAW them and happened to find them extremely attractive.. the same goes for the guys. They talk about their crazy uncontrollable need to be with her. I don't get the emotions among all the characters they don't make the slightest bit of sense to me. they keep saying they see something in severine...that she's different and wild and can't be controlled. I don't where the hell that came from because I haven't read anything in this book that shows me she's any of those things. only thing I know about her from this book is that her emotions are all over the place and senseless like a tornado and that she doesn't want to open up to love.
The Assassin and the Princess - Sarah J. Maas 3.5
UnEnchanted (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale, #1) - Chanda Hahn 2.5.

The story was weak, but it was still enjoyable at the same time. I have to say, as so many other reviews have said, the grammatical errors are absolutely ridiculous. I don't understand why SO MANY OBVIOUS mistakes could slip through. It makes me wonder, was this proofread??? I have to say though the constant mentioning of Nan's Iphone and twitter/twitter followers is actually kind of annoying. But over all its an interesting twist on the Brothers Grimm story.
Eden - Keary Taylor This book really shocked me with how well it was written. When I bought this I didn't know what to expect. I was afraid it was going to be some super ridiculous sci-fi story.But it wasn't. Earth is pretty much normal expect for the dark ages deal and the humans turned cyborg thing. There's no confusing super advance technology talk nonsense. I liked the fact that the love triangle is settled at the end of the book. Well so it seems. I wish there was more emotion but for obvious reasons there wasn't but I am actually excited to read the next book. wish it was longer
Painted Faces - L.H. Cosway 3.5 I actually liked this. I really only bought it because it was cheap. Mind you at the same time i was afraid to read it because i thought it was going to have some odd fetish stuff. But its not even close to that. And with that don't let the fact that this has drag queens make you shy away. There isn't really much of a plot. Everything focuses around this constant play of emotion between Freda and Nicholas. There isn't much for me to say about this except that the book is pretty well written.
Hyde (Hyde, #1) - Lauren Stewart I really liked this book. I was intrigued the whole time. A really good spin inspired by a classic story. There is dance of 'attraction' throughout but secrets, suspense and action make it a really good book for guys too. Its not all mushy mushy.


The one thing i really like about this book is that in that climactic moment everyone was waiting for it was all about Mitch PLEASING Eden. In other books that i have read that are similar, the woman always swoons and becomes so subservient and just go along with whatever the man chooses to do when it comes down to business. In the very very longgggg drawn out love making( Which Im NOT complaining about in the slightest),it was all focused on pleasing the woman. Not a your turn, now my turn,okay we are done now deal.
Me & My Invisible Guy - Sarah Jeffrey I have to say this book wasn't fantastic. It's alright. I felt the relationship with Liam and Mallory was way too fast and lacking for love. Which makes it a typical teen book. And the fact that the idea of abstinence spreads like fire through school because of one girls story, is unrealistic to me. Don't get me wrong it's a great message for guys and girls alike...but I started to feel like once all the secrets in the book were out the way...that the last few chapters were all propaganda-ish. I guess this is a book that would be better suited and more entertaining for someone who is still in high school.
The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern All i have to is this book had alot of things going. While the book was great and so descriptive, i have to say the constant year and month jumping every chapter made it hard to keep track of what was happening when.
Friendly Fire (Thin Air Saga, #2) - Lynn Seresin I give it a 2.5. I feel the purpose of the series is getting lost.. Obviously the reason a second was created is because in the first book you learn that assassins are after Alice. So here comes the second book and i just feel like everything is all written to avoid creating an intricate storyline involving Paralda and his part. Being different is so prevalent in the first book. Alice appeared strange to everyone in the beginning. A bond with Dante begins because of the fact that they are both different: Alice being new to the world and Dante being gay. This issue was brought multiple times in the first book. WHICH IS UNDERSTANDABLE. Alice learning and all that.
But here you have the second book constantly focusing on this young 14 yr old transgender girl. All this book talks about is how she is trouble trouble trouble, transgender transgender, needs help, needs a professional, needs this and that. The author gives me the impression that the next book will also involve another sexual/searching for acceptance type deal. My whole issue is I just thought that these books were about Alice and her survival so to speak and love of Daniel. This book was way too focused on the character Ash and her mission of finding a life as a boy, because everytime Ash was being talked about it was being mentioned in one way it another that she is a girl wanting to be a boy. I just felt this book was so off track compared with the storyline of the first one. Also can we say Daniel turned into a scary control freak. JERK. It amazes me though that Alice is constantly saying she loves Daniel.......SPOILER

Yet she cant seem to stay away from Terrance.
Savages - Don Winslow Im not even halfway through this book but I have already made up my mind that the movie is WAY BETTER THAN THE BOOK. I never thought Id say that about a book turned movie, but it is better. A million times better. The chapters go by fast which is good, but sometimes Im confused and wondering is this present or past that an event took place. Since there is no specific character telling the story it makes it harder to choose. It seems like there is a lot of filler in this book. For ex: One short chapter O goes to the mall and so Don Winslow proceeds to name every single store in the mall A-Z. Literally every store is named. I kid you not. Ummm i think everyone knows: A.What a mall is and B. That there are Multiple MULTIPLE stores beginning with one of the letters from the existing 26 letter alphabet. Why does he abbreviation everything. You cant make 15 'clever' abbreviations that are 3-6 letters long. They constantly pop up and I sit their saying I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS, I was only told once and that was 20 chapters ago. And the shortening words was just ridiculous. "Chon pulls out his nocs." Um what the hell are nocs exactly? OH BINOCULARS!! WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST SAY THAT.

Oh lastly THE ENDING FREAKING SUCKED. Again i prefer the movie.
On Demon Wings - Karina Halle I really liked this one over the few previous ones.
Burn for Burn  - Anna Wolf, Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian If you liked the movie Mean Girls and you're into revenge on hated high school classmates. This is the book for you.

So the book is constantly switching between the three characters and giving you their point of view on everything going on which I liked. I have admit though at first it was confusing in the beginning and at times i wasn't sure what was going on because the characters were talking about something in the present and then all of a sudden they throw a flashback in. Eventually though you catch on to whats going on and things make sense. I have to say there is one thing that Im really hoping it isn't what i think it is... ** spoiler**

Mary seems to think that she has supernatural powers, because there were three things that happened that she feels responsible for. I really hope that Mary is just that wacky post "Reeve" torture, because i think the book is fine the way it is and to throw some supernatural bit in there would just be pointless and idiotic and ruin a good book.

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