Burn for Burn  - Anna Wolf, Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian If you liked the movie Mean Girls and you're into revenge on hated high school classmates. This is the book for you.

So the book is constantly switching between the three characters and giving you their point of view on everything going on which I liked. I have admit though at first it was confusing in the beginning and at times i wasn't sure what was going on because the characters were talking about something in the present and then all of a sudden they throw a flashback in. Eventually though you catch on to whats going on and things make sense. I have to say there is one thing that Im really hoping it isn't what i think it is... ** spoiler**

Mary seems to think that she has supernatural powers, because there were three things that happened that she feels responsible for. I really hope that Mary is just that wacky post "Reeve" torture, because i think the book is fine the way it is and to throw some supernatural bit in there would just be pointless and idiotic and ruin a good book.