Friendly Fire (Thin Air Saga, #2) - Lynn Seresin I give it a 2.5. I feel the purpose of the series is getting lost.. Obviously the reason a second was created is because in the first book you learn that assassins are after Alice. So here comes the second book and i just feel like everything is all written to avoid creating an intricate storyline involving Paralda and his part. Being different is so prevalent in the first book. Alice appeared strange to everyone in the beginning. A bond with Dante begins because of the fact that they are both different: Alice being new to the world and Dante being gay. This issue was brought multiple times in the first book. WHICH IS UNDERSTANDABLE. Alice learning and all that.
But here you have the second book constantly focusing on this young 14 yr old transgender girl. All this book talks about is how she is trouble trouble trouble, transgender transgender, needs help, needs a professional, needs this and that. The author gives me the impression that the next book will also involve another sexual/searching for acceptance type deal. My whole issue is I just thought that these books were about Alice and her survival so to speak and love of Daniel. This book was way too focused on the character Ash and her mission of finding a life as a boy, because everytime Ash was being talked about it was being mentioned in one way it another that she is a girl wanting to be a boy. I just felt this book was so off track compared with the storyline of the first one. Also can we say Daniel turned into a scary control freak. JERK. It amazes me though that Alice is constantly saying she loves Daniel.......SPOILER

Yet she cant seem to stay away from Terrance.