Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver so i finished this book not to long ago and didn't get a chance to write a review till now.

so i start reading, and im feeling like "Ugh annoying stuck up teenage snobs, i dont know if i want to finish this book", BUT I AM SO GLAD I DID. This book really makes you think about those little things you say you treat people. THat when you have something to say or do..... just FOLLOW YOUR HEART, because everything may seem dandy, but no one ever knows when they are going to die. Savor those happy moments, cherish the longing looks of those who love you.

ANYWAY, so the first chapters of this were getting repetitive, but eventually it goes away and things change. I found myself constantly WANTING to keep reading because i just HAD to know how she was going to fix things, well if she was going to even try to make things better. The further i got into the story, the sadder it made me. It made me want to cry (ALMOST, not quite). But you learn that everyone has a story, dont believe what everyone tells you, dont bad mouth someone unless youve lived their life. HTere are so many messages you can get from this book.