Obsidian  - Jennifer L. Armentrout This is kinda the typical sappy teen romance…but I like it. its different. ALIENS.. and if you’re a Twilight fan then this is the book for you(BUT DONT EXPECT A LOVE TRIANGLE)!!!! An ordinary girl ..and a more than “special boy” head over heels for each other. Or should i say the new girl in school who seems to be the first girl that the most sought after boy in school just happens to become obsessed with! They are having issues and interferences in their attempt at a relationship. FYI Again there is no love triangle in this book. One thing i have to say that's really annoying is the so called "cursing". Every time daemon or anyone else starts cursing the book never actually says the words they just describe the profanity. Not saying that I want foul language but as an author if you're writing a story you either just say the DAMN word or not and don't DESCRIBE a string of curses coming out of someones mouth every chapter.


Also its annoying hearing Dawson constantly saying how much he loves the bond between him and Bethany. I think the book jumped way to fast into the relationship for the reader to even enjoy the characters as separate people now the 2 just seem as one. It gets way to sappy annoying mushy crap at times for me. The alien concept is weird to me though. The Luxen are "light" literally and their enemies the Arum are shadows/darkness. I think Daemons reaction to the loss of his brother is not in line with the character the book presents. I dont think Daemon would just have just accepted such a simple response from the DOD. "Your brother is gone...his body has been disposed of...". In my head I imagine Daemon threatenign if not physically attacking the agents till they gave him the truth and demand his brothers body. He knows the DOD i would think he be more ignoratn of their words and assume them to be lying. I think maybe if i was 19 Id give this a 4...maybe.... but I'm giving it 3.