Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare Way better than the first I tell you!!!!In the first book he was just kind of there but in this one he plays an important role and sympathizes with Tessa and Will, especially Will on many levels. So you still wont find out why Mortmain wants Tessa. Again the plot is well lacking.... SPOILERSSS*************

it again is all about Mortmain, finding mortmain, finding Mortmain. Mortmain doesnt appear anywhere in this book. Nathaniel is back yes that scum. BUT GUESS WHAT THE LONG AWAITED ROMANCE YOU WERE HOPING FOR (IF YOU WERE) IS NOW HERE. Jem, Will, Jem Will. I personally am TEAM WILL!! DAMN YOU TESSA FOR ACCEPTING JEMS PROPOSAL! DAMN YOU! Will finally catches the demon who cursed him......and when he does its very sad news. Actually not sad...depressing. I've absolutely fallen in love with Magnus. I have to say one thing that annoys me about this book is that EVERYONE IS IN LOVE. its quite annoying. Its one thing to have the love triangle and some other couple. But EVERYONE HAS LOVE TROUBLES IN THIS BOOK AND I CANT STAND IT. Sophie loves Jem but Jem loves Tessa. Tessa loves Will & later on JEM. But then Sophie loves Gideon.... Jessamine loves Nate. Charlotte thinks Henry doesn't love her, and Henry thinks Charlotte doesn't love him.BLAH BLAH. Guess what i dont care about everyone else's loves problem.