Daughter of Smoke & Bone  - Laini Taylor I absolutely love this book so much you have no idea!!! Theres so many things about this book that i just cant even pull my thoughts together with all the reasons why i like it so much.

I love that this takes place in Prague and not SOMEWHERE land in America, and... well Karou is tall, mysterious, artistic, beautiful, blue hair(wished to herself, yes WISHED) and covered in tattoos. I just love everything about her and her personality. I love the concept and they way she sues her 'magic'. What young person wouldn't.

When Karou first described Brimstone, speaking to her about her broken heart, love/boys..."the essential penis" conversation, I thought OH MY I love him already he sounds like a great fill in father figure. But then i read on and Karou speaks about her 'errands' and getting shot and reflects on her past experiences with him and i think wow why is he so cold. Its a love/hate thing with him on my end. Karou and Zuzuna have the most amazing friendship and since i hope books like this have dark turns it frightens me that something awful will happen to their friendship. And then the beautiful angel Akiva shows up and i immediatly cant help but want for him and Karou to get together IMMEDIATELY. Like Zuzana said "must mate". Anyway i could write forever about this book but i wont.....BECAUSE I'm off to read the second