Days of Blood and Starlight - Laini Taylor AHHHHHH AMAZING!!! If you have read book one you know there is a war going on and this book really shows it. I love that every few chapters you get to view this war from the innocent bystanders swept up and those pushed into it, chimera and angels alike. Death.... yes there is a lot of death. This book is mostly death but thats what war is. THis book never loses your attention for one second because something is always happening. And Laini Taylor does such a wonderful job of it that you don't feel like the book is desperate and trying to hold your attention. Its just that the book is soooo unbelievably good you don't want to stop. Every chapter Im holding my breath thingking OH MY WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. And it is always the unexpected. It is so heart-fully and beautifully written, that even the constant hurt that goes back and forth between Akiva and Karou touches the reader.


Okay No Brimstone. I really am hoping he pops up in the next one, but i feel like he probably is truly gone. IM SO HAPPY WITH THE ENDING. IT GIVES ME HOPE THAT KAROU AND AKIVA WILL BE TOGETHER AGAIN. But poor ZIRI!!!