Darkhouse  - Karina Halle Okay Im not too far in this book but so far like this book. The main character Perry is a 22 yr old post college and still has no idea what she want to do with her life. Which i think is something a lot of people our age can relate too. And shes not your typical female main character that knows shes attractive and what not. Perry has body image and self esteem issues and is slightly jealous of her "taller leaner gorgeous sister'.
I have to say I absolutely love all the descriptions and comparisons that are used in this book.Like the way she describes Dex when she first meets him. "A simple eyebrow ring graced his right eyebrow. It was a very ‘90s look. A man after my own heart, apparently. He reminded me of Robert Downey Jr. in his strung-out drug days."

The mind set is definitely that of a 22 yr old with relate-able pop culture jokes and sarcasm that actually makes sense.


So this handsome and dark man aka Dex...turns out he has mental issues as well, which makes him a good fit for Perry. AND THEY BOTH HAVE SOME ABILITY TO SEE CREEPY STUFF that others can't. ghosts im guessing. I was kinda hoping (yes this is typical) that Dex would break up with his girlfriend and go for Perry , but NO that doesn't happen this time around. Its confusing I don't know if he even likes her in the slightest bit that way or if he just feels they have somthing to bond over:the paranormal stuff, and considers her a good friend. DAMN YOU DEX stop sending me mixed messages!!