Red Fox - Karina Halle Here Perry is still pining after Dex who she though she could care less about. she's got the hots for him ....finds herself sharing a bed with him...he makes more than one sexual joke even gets all handsy with her. And Perry completely blows it by deflecting off all his advances with jokes that more or less isn't happening. PERRY WHY YOU ARE YOU BEING SOOOO STUPID.
Anyway I have to say this was much better than the first. No need for character set up so you don't have thay nagging question "I are these ghost monster things really being seen by them". Because at this point its a definite yes. The plot is much better than the lasts and actually makes more sense. The opening of the book picks right up from where the Darkhouse left off. Everything with Dex is still a mystery which is kind of annoying. I have to say though...I like Perry but Im starting to get annoyed with her and her "body". Shes constantly complaining about her chunkiness, jiggles, fat, whatever its described as at the moment.