Thin Air (Thin Air Saga, #1) - Lynn Seresin I give this a 4.5. WHY ARENT MORE PEOPLE READING THIS.If there was more detailed emotion I would have given it a 5. I really love this book..I just can’t put it into words at the moment. I love the beginning of the book seeing the ethereal world through Aeris. Everything is so descriptive then.
I have to say it’s great that Lynn Seresin has included gay MAIN characters in the story, but I feel like Dante and Shane are just uninformed peoples image of the “stereotypical gay couple’. A New York gay couple at that. Shane is well…just Shane. And Dante well he’s femininely beautiful, likes to wear: tight leather pants, eyeliner, eye shadow, and glitter, does theater and SINGS in a band. Oh and they both appear to be fans of Lady Gaga. And all the constant “cute bantering’, which isn’t really so cute…just kind of bugs me a little.

And the scene with Delilah ***SPOILER*****

I understand that she was a deranged psycho jealous woman and that she wouldn’t stop until Alice and Daniel were dead but the fact that he was so ready to kill her with no hesitation was just strange to me. He’s still human he has never killed someone before yet he was just all ”IT’S THE ONLY WAY”. I don’t think any other human would be so calm with that choice. He decided on that easier than someone decides what they are going to eat for lunch