Primal (Vengeance, #1) - Raven Bower, Lain Bower WARNING: This is an erotic novel. I don'tknow maybe, i overlooked something but i if i recall i did not seeing anything mentioning that before i bought it. But just so everyone knows. Anyway yes i started reading this book and was like whoa erotic novel where did this come from.

The cover is initially what drew me in. ITS HOT!!! But thats the only thing hot about it. This book could have been so much better though than it was. There is nothing wrong with including multiple characters in a story and giving them each their own POV chapter to see how they are involved or how they view a situation. But i felt there were too many intertwining characters and storylines and it just made the book confusing and exhausting to keep track of who was who.

Here is each character that has chapters based on their POV and the names of characters they associate with. Im missing some but well there are too many.

Wrey: Avron, David, Billie, Pete
Avron: Kira, Wrey
Kira: Giselle, Caghn, Evan,
Mako: Claw, Ana, Jaw, Mason,Halo, Beams(Im missing some here)
Billie:Galen, Jory
David: Stan

I just thought the writing was weak. And too much was trying to be crammed into one book. I got really tired of hearing about how Kira just wanted to bang some guy so bad, i know she was in heat or whatever but still. I feel somethings were constantly repeated just to fill in some space. Like the fact that Kira couldn't sleep with a man because if she did that would make him her mate so she had to settle for entertainment/pleasure by Giselle. This is said quite a few times which quite frankly wasn't necessary.

I give it a 2.5